We offer our clients a complete line of integrated solutions, starting with the project, executing the installations, performing the maintenance and finishing in the inspections of the Electrical, Hydraulic and Air conditioning systems, with quality, prompt service and efficiency, developing solutions adapted to the needs.


We highlight in the industry area the development of sustainable solutions with applications in the areas of power generation, fluid transfer and consumption reduction.


Ask for a visit and get to know the system, with the possibility of being totally digital, avoiding unnecessary printing.

And much more, with the data collection system, we automate the processing of information and send e-mail alerts in addition to the control by the internet;


With the integrated system we make your life easier, we control your processes, we automatically alert against power failures, temperature, fluid level and many other alarms.


Know the system, request a demonstration, we are ready to attend you!

List of solutions.

            Hydraulic services:

Hydraulic Projects:

  • Hydraulic building projects.

  • Sanitation projects.

  • Drainage projects.

  • Firefighting projects.

  • Rainwater design.

  • Record of the Hydraulic system.

Hidraulic instalations:

  • Hydraulic building installation.

  • Drainage installation.

  • Sewage installation.

  • Installation of fire system.

  • Installation of rain collector.

  • Rural facilities.

Hydraulic Maintenance:

  • Maintenance of building installations.

  • Maintenance of drainage and sewage.

  • Maintenance of fire systems.

  • Maintenance of fire fighting.

  • Maintenance of irrigation systems.

Inspections of hydraulic systems:

  • Inspections of operation.

  • Safety inspections.

            Electrical Services:

Electrical services:

  • Electric projects:

  • Electric projects.

  • Ground Projects.

  • SPDA Projects NBR-5419/2015.

  • Luminotechnical Projects.

  • Development of diagrams.

  • Record of electrical installations.

  • Alternative energy projects.

  • Photovoltaic system Wind

  • systems Diesel generating systems.

Electrical Installations:

  • Installation of electrical systems.

  • Installation of grounding systems.

  • Facilities of SPDA.

  • Installation of power substation.

  • Installation of electrical panels.

  • Installation of electric motors.

  • Launch of power lines.

  • Command line launch.

  • Launch of IT cables.

  • Launch of CCTV cables.

  • Releases of antenna cables.

Electrical maintenance:

  • Maintenance of electrical installations.

  • Maintenance of electrical controls.

  • Maintenance of electrical boards.

  • Maintenance of electric motors.

  • Maintenance of grounding systems.

  • Maintenance of SPDA..

Safety Inspections:

  • Inspections of electrical systems NR-10.

  • Grounding system inspections.

  • Inspections SPDA NBR-5419/2015.

  • Inspections of EPI and EPC of electrical.


  • Thermographic report.

  • Luminotechnical report.

  • Survey of Loads.

  • Instrument report.

  • Report of power tools.





      Services of air conditioning:

Services of air conditioning:

  • Volumetric dimensioning.

  • Thermal loads.

Equipment installation:

  • Window Air Installation.

  • Splits installation.

  • Multi Split installation.

  • Central Installation

Equipment maintenance:

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Maintenance of drain. 

  • Maintenance of the supports.

  • Maintenance of filters.

  • Maintenance of chillers.

Equipment Inspections:

PMOC - Maintenance, operation and control procedure.

Air conditioning systems with a capacity equal to or greater than 5 TR - 15,000 kcal / h = 60,000 BTU / H shall be required to maintain a technician qualified to control and monitor the system.

The Ordinance no. 3523 of the 1998 Ministry of Health, known as "air conditioning law".

We have developed the procedures for maintenance, operation and control of air conditioning systems.