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Essência Serviços, was founded in 1993, a specialist in maintenance, has been improving over the last 24 years. Today, it develops products with social responsibility, ecological and sustainable, guaranteeing comfort, safety and economy for our customers.

Our mission.

Offer sustainable solutions with a focus on the conscious consumption of resources.


Our vision.


To be recognized by the market as a company generating sustainable technologies, in order to serve our customers with quality, safety and efficiency.


Our values.


To exceed the expectation of our customers in the service. Build and maintain a trustworthy and long-term relationship. Provide security in all our services, ensuring protection of life and the environment. Innovate constantly and create opportunities to reduce consumption.

We offer our clients a complete line of integrated solutions, starting in the design, execution of the installations, maintenance and inspections of the Electrical systems, automation, Hydraulics and Air conditioning.


In the area of ​​industry, we highlight the development of sustainable solutions with applications in the areas of fluid transfer, consumption reduction, alternative energy generation, solar and wind power, systems automation, as well as offering an integrated preventive maintenance system in all areas


. In the commercial and commercial areas we develop immediate economy solutions where we can obtain a return in the short term, making investments in the areas of electricity, hydraulics and air conditioning possible.


Located next to the Industrial Pole of Macaé in Granja dos Cavaleiros, we have a unit that seeks to innovate every day in sustainability;


Our differential is our main goal; Turn products offered into opportunities for economy, comfort and sustainability for our customers.

Meet some of our qualifications
Essência Serviços is always looking to improve, qualify and participate in lectures, trainings and events that can every day give us more quality and performance, see some of these participations:
Certificado Curso ISO9001
IDE Brasil
Certificado de Capacitação do curso de Desenvolvimento Empresarial, realizado em Agosto de 2010.
Estratégias Empresárias
Participação do Curso de Estratégias Empresariais promovido pelo Sebrae/RJ em setembro de 2012.
Palestra Responsabilidade Social
Participação de palestra de Responsabilidade Social em agosto de 2014
Capacitação Shell
Certificado de Capacitação empreendedora do Shell Iniciativa Empreendedora concluido em fevereiro de 2016.
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